The Power of Attention: Creating a Transformational Container


In this recording, Katie Hendricks presents: The Power of Attention: Creating a Transformational Container. Have you wondered how and why some learning spaces you enter feel immediately welcoming, while others seem closed, cold or repelling? This Bridge class will give you an opportunity to learn how to create an inclusive container for wonder and discovery with particular intentions and practices that foster the nutrient of connection and engagement.

We’ll be sampling the intentions and processes that weave presence with discovery, including:

  • using the power of attention to create a come-as-you-are invitation
  • coming home to presence-connect-play
  • adding the body to your intellectual goals
  • practicing integrating left-brain and right-brain
  • using integrity practices to transform conflict and power struggles

These practices can be included in any gathering of two or more to deepen creativity and open rich possibilities for co-creativity beyond drama.