A Grief and Mourning Circle

An experience of Presencing and Connecting

December 15, 2022 4:00 PM Pacific

In this one hour event you will get an opportunity to experience a Sharing Circle, which offers a safe container to be with your grief experience and mourn your loss, especially at this time of year. Anyone who is grieving a loss or losses is invited to join this Circle event. We offer a space where you can express what you are experiencing and connect with others who are grieving. This event will be facilitated by Restoring Resourcefulness Faculty members Michael Deloughery and Nancy Voogd.

You will:

  • Share experiences and insights about loss in a context of wholeness
  • Explore how practices like breathing and presencing support us

If you benefit from our time together, consider joining the 8 week group in 2023

About your instructors:

Michael Deloughery

Michael Deloughery

Certified Big Leap Coach
Bereavement Support Facilitator
Restoring Resourcefulness Faculty

I offer resonant listening and presencing, woven with wisdom, heart and spirt. These support the people I connect with to feel totally heard, safe and inspired to creatively source their own solutions. I have enjoyed decades of experience and learning in coaching and facilitation. Ultimately, my aim is to catalyze flow in every imaginable situation.



Nancy Voogd

Certified Big Leap Coach
Restoring Resourcefulness Faculty

I listen for what I think of as “everyday wholeness.” with the intention to reflect back wholeness, uniqueness, and individual gifts. I think that extraordinary beauty can be found in the tiniest of moments, and so I look for those to share with others.

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