Creating a Path

to Happily Every After

September 29, 2020 5 pm Pacific

Join us for this special Big Leap Bridge Q&A Panel with three dynamic couples who will answer your questions about how you can create a Conscious Loving relationship through embodying Hendricks tools and practices. Think of this as an appetizer for the Hendricks brand new online Couples Course starting on October 14th at 5 pm Pacific. 
Learn about:
  • What commitments and agreements support joyful relationships.
  • Our favorite tools for conscious communication.
  • How to create lasting love in your life.

About your instructor:

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Our Conscious Partnership Panel

Marlene & Bob Neufeld

Marlene and Bob Neufeld are a vibrant couple who help couples learn life-changing relationship skills and create closer loving relationships. They have been married since 1970 and have been collaborating in a two-on-two counseling practice, seminars, workshops and retreats since 2003. They are graduates of the Hendricks Institute and the Foundation for Conscious Living and Loving (2004). They have been participating in the Optimal Sexual Experiences Research Team since 2015. Everything they share has been personally “bedroom-tested”.


Heath & Nicole Reed
Co-Founders of Living Metta
Certified Big Leap Coaches
Graduates, Hendricks Leadership and Transformation Program

Heath and Nicole Reed are cosmic couple who are passionate about inspiring connection through loving kindness. Together they founded their business Living Metta to share simple and friendly practices to enhance collaboration, positivity, and a felt sense of purpose for individuals, groups and communities. Living from their shared commitment to loving kindness, Heath and Nicole integrate insights from their Big Leap Coaching, plus their 24-year relationship, and their 20-year business of team-teaching massage therapists, yoga and qigong practitioners, and all those willing to befriend their body. Join the Reeds’ as we practice potent life-hacks and strategies that exponentiate happiness and create maximum positive impact in every connection.


Michele & Dean Yasuda

Michele and Dean are certified Big Leap Coaches and graduates of the Hendricks Institute Leadership and Transformation Program. They are the Co-Founders of Michele and Dean, LLC, a company dedicated to Awakening Aliveness by inspiring all of us to harmonize with our purpose so we can fully engage in our lives. They offer individual and relationship coaching and programs which are designed to support you in savoring your relationships and your purpose.

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