Integrity Series

Emotional Literacy

April 6, 2021 6pm Pacific

Continuing our series on integrity skills, we turn our attention towards Emotional Literacy. Our colleague Skip Swanson will be exploring how we can practice presencing our inner world, locate and welcome feelings, and get curious as a way to expand our emotional literacy.

We will learn how to:

  • find the joy behind all of our emotions
  • receive the gifts and wisdom of our emotions
  • distinguish between feeling and feeding an emotion


About your instructor:

Skip 2020 copy

Skip Swanson

Skip Swanson
[email protected]

Skip is a graduate of the Hendricks Institute Leadership and Transformation Program with 21 years of experience as a transformational coach, facilitator, and trainer dedicated to supporting people in unlocking the power and wisdom of their own authentic Essence. Based in Japan, he also actively collaborates with organizations and communities that are shifting to sustainable and regenerative models, with an approach that balances inner work with impactful action.


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