Integrity Series: Impeccable Agreements

Shaping a Potent Container for What You Want to Create

February 2, 2021 6pm Pacific

~In a world of broken promises, do agreements really matter?
~Why do I keep saying yes when I really mean no? What if I said yes, and I now want out?
~How do I know what I really want? Discerning your yeses and no’s
~How can I boost my aliveness in easy reliable ways?

In this Big Leap Bridge Class, we will explore and play with the importance of agreements with yourself, others, and this planet

About your instructor:

Dee Cooper

Dee Cooper, MEd, MDiv, DMin

Licensed Clinical MFT Therapist, Fellow
Facilitator for USAF, Military, Veterans
Executive Presbyter, Ordained Minister, PCUSA
Certified Big Leap Coach

Dee has a loving presence and capacity for holding vast space. She is a powerhouse presencing specialist and a wholeness whisperer. Dee brings a love of play to all she does, and travels alongside her clients, as they dive deep and soar high. Dee has extensive experience working with the US Air Force as the primary facilitator in nationwide workshops that are designed for their care providers. Dee has also facilitated trainings for faith leaders, as they respond to crisis and trauma. Dee holds Masters Degrees in both Psychology and Divinity, as well as a Doctorate in Ministry. She is a Presbyterian Minister, and she is a licensed Clinical Marriage and Family Therapist (Fellow) with over two decades experience in each area. Dee is the Interim Executive Presbyter of Heartland Presbytery. Dee was a featured Big Leap Coach and is a graduate of the Hendricks advanced, two- year Leadership and Transformation program.

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