Persona Play

Befriending Your Whole Self

May 23, 2024 9:00am Pacific

Join our Restoring Resourcefulness Team for this second opportunity in the Drama Triangle Series. In this class you will have an opportunity to restore your resourcefulness with one of the Hendricks’ most effective tools. This practice helps you to identify and understand the various masks you wear in your day-to-day life. Whether it’s your perfectionist, rebel, people pleaser or do-it-right personas, you can reclaim your full aliveness by finding the gifts in the roles that you have taken on using the Persona Interview.

Come play, learn and discover how to befriend your personas and let your Essence shine.

About your instructor:

2024-06 BLB Personas SQ trio

Restoring Resourcefulness Team

Michele Yasuda, Restoring Resourcefulness Faculty Founder
Darlene Bellis, Restoring Resourcefulness Faculty Intern
Sandra Von Paris, Restoring Resourcefulness Faculty Intern

The Restoring Resourcefulness Program is an educational program intended to support a global shift in our ability to effectively move out of the fear trance and to experience access to choice, connection, and collaboration. The free modules in Restoring Resourcefulness can expand your ability to meet challenges and create new structures that support getting real, wondering and creating caring communities.

Our Team of Faculty Founder and Interns support the ongoing expansion of the Restoring Resourcefulness Program resources.

Michele Yasuda is a sassy visionary who plants seeds of infinite possibilities to awaken the essential self. Whether with groups, or individuals, Michele is magical at noticing what is most wanting to emerge and offers powerful clarity that opens gateways for expansion of consciousness. Michele sees through to the essential self and is committed to assisting individuals with revealing wholeness. Michele is also the Program Director for the Big Leap Home Online Programs and the Enrollment Consultant for the Hendricks Institute.

Darlene Bellis
Open Gateways to Healing, Transformation and Aliveness
Imagine having immediate and continuous access to a treasure trove of life skills that generates deep connection with yourself and others.
Darlene assists you in becoming powerfully current with your life.  Step into a new level of mindful living animated by conscious choice and deep presence.
Darlene uses her skills as a Certified Big Leap Coach as well as a Certified Guided Imagery Therapist to access internal wisdom which opens gateways to healing, transformation and aliveness.

Sandra Von Paris
As a psychologist and Big Leap Coach with a PhD in Applied Maths, I interweave somatic, cognitive and humanistic approaches to psychotherapy and coaching. With my life journey through a male-dominated academic and professional field and some personal challenges, I know that courage is the root of success – and I have acquired some skill at discovering the silver lining and the diamonds in the dust. The core of my work is to tickle the body and both brain hemispheres for inspiring creativity and growth through play and healthy responsibility, and to support embracing and enjoying the chaos and complexity this brings.

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