Reclaiming our Power

Understanding States of Consciousness

June 6, 2023 6:00pm Pacific

As we continue our Drama Triangle Series, Join us for this one hour Big Leap Bridge Class. Stephen Karpman’s 1968 formulation of the Drama Triangle was a deceptively simple entry point into how we get entangled in power struggle. Noticing how we get caught in the “Victim,” the “Villain,” and the “Hero” positions is the first step to freeing ourselves from the grip of these fruitless struggles.

Julie Colwell has been studying the dynamics of the Drama Triangle since Gay and Kathlyn Hendricks first introduced her to it in 1995 (whereupon she sat her unsuspecting friends down so she could draw it on newsprint). Over the succeeding 29 years, Colwell has analyzed the energies behind this elegant formulation, connecting it to how humans’ behavior reflects that of all mammals who perceive threat, and weaving it in with feminist theories of Power Over, Power Under, and Power With.

In this 60 minute workshop, you will:
  • Understand the connection between Karpman’s original ideas and how each position relates to mammalian functioning, as shown on Colwell’s Inner Map
  • Be introduced to the “Power Over/Power Under/Power With Checklist,” where you can discover your own typical way of relating when you perceive threat, as well as those   around you
  • Have a new context for the power struggles of your life, including what results when we move beyond them: an absence of conflict, a vast potential for creative expression, and deep connection with those around you.

About your instructor:

Julie at Starhouse door

Dr. Julie Colwell Ph.D.

Founder/Director of the Evolutionary Power Institute,
Graduate of Hendricks Institute Leadership and Transformation Program

Julie Colwell, PhD is a psychologist who founded and directs the Evolutionary Power Institute in Boulder, Colorado. Julie is fascinated by relationship dynamics (including how we relate to ourselves) and endlessly muses on new ways to move out of the suffering of struggle back into creativity, flow, and aliveness. She is the author of the Relationship Ride, the Relationship Skills Workbook, and the Inner Map. Julie first started training with Gay and Katie in 1995, and has developed her own body of work that is grounded in their principles (as well as in neuropsychology, systems theory, and energy work), co-presenting with Katie several times. Julie lives in Boulder with her wife of 35 years and their three adopted canines.

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