Using the Power of Genuine Wonder

Reclaiming Your Well-Being

August 20, 2020 9am Pacific, 6pm Central European Time

If you want to deepen your experience of well-being, and grow your awareness and reality of what’s possible, don’t go looking for the best answers….INSTEAD, discover how to ask the best questions. These days, even Harvard Business Review is declaring the positive impact of asking big bold questions, rather than having all the answers. Genuine wonder is also a health-care choice…opening the flow of all those feel good neurotransmitters and access to the tracks of your nervous system that support health, connection, creativity, curiosity and collaboration.

In this  Big Leap Bridge class learn how:

  • To find the questions to help build a new foundation.
  • To take responsibility for your state of mind using Wonder.
  • To re-pattern your nervous system in a way that allows connection, creativity, and receptivity.
  • To practice, expand and refine your natural gifts to bring new experiences into reality.

The really good news is that genuine wonder is innate. It’s an inborn skill that can be re-claimed, remembered and re-mastered. Practice Makes Mastery and this class offers an opportunity to practice, expand and refine your natural gifts to Wonder things into reality.

About your instructor:

audrey-4 - Audrey Hazekamp

Audrey Hazekamp

Master Coach and Game Changer
MA Applied Physiology, Master Coach

Audrey Hazekamp, M.A. is an intrepid explorer, consciousness athlete, and Master Game Changer. She engages in life as an on-going adventure for discovery and laboratory for genuine fulfillment. Audrey is a living, breathing model and inspiration for thriving beyond our familiar conditioning and uses her wisdom and exceptional skills to support others in consciously disrupting limiting patterns,  opening space for new choices, and maximal good times. Audrey founded Tall Poppy Inc. Integrative Coaching/Facilitating, and has been working in the area of health, well-being and transformation for over 30 years. In addition to coaching, Audrey also facilitates with renowned body-centered facilitator/author Kathlyn Hendricks, PhD., and continues her own education in the areas of evolutionary fitness, genuine fulfillment, and radical kindness.

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