year of living copyEverything in nature contains all the power of nature.
Everything is made of one hidden stuff.

— Ralph Waldo Emerson


One of the most powerful and practical concepts of conscious living is that you are connected to everything else in the universe. If you assume that we are all made of the same stuff—whatever it is—this means that there is one unbroken chain of creation of which we are an equal part. It means that we are all made of the infinite intelligence that pervades everything. The practical use of this idea is that you can work out all the truly important issues in your life by opening up to this inner intelligence. No one can know the power of this gift until they have opened to trusting it completely.

I did a session a while back with a woman who had a terrible headache when she came in. She’d carried it for several days, and even a visit to her doctor for stronger medicine hadn’t helped much. I invited her to give it a different medicine, ten seconds of nonjudgmental attention. Simply “feel the sensations without judging them,” was the way I put it. That ten seconds led her to a realization: She had been angry for days at her partner for refusing to do a small favor my client had asked. I then invited her to give her anger ten seconds of nonjudgmental attention. As she did this her eyes opened wide. “It’s disappearing,” she said, with genuine wonder in her voice. Within the next twenty minutes the headache subsided to the size of a walnut, then a pinhead, then nothing. All from ten seconds of nonjudgmental attention.


Purely as an experiment, recruit the infinite intelligence of the universe to assist you in solving a specific problem. Select some problem, concern, or issue that you’ve been unable to resolve as yet through your usual means. Keeping the problem in mind, invite a solution by initiating a thought such as, “I surrender this problem to be resolved through my connection to infinite intelligence. I invoke its power in opening me to an innovative solution.” Then forget about it and go on about your business. Notice what happens over the next few days.

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