Ap · pre · ci · a · tion

How to Express Caring


  1. Exquisite awareness
  2. Full, grateful presence
  3. Being available for connection and celebration

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The Rapid Appreciation Experience

Get it easy, get it fast. Grow it with your whole body-mind, now.

You can expand and grow, like a muscle, your capacity for experiencing and generating appreciation.

Watch this video to try out the rapid appreciation experience now.

Open sesame!

Shift into Appreciation anytime you like with one of these simple questions:

What feels fantastic right now?

How can I give my curious, loving attention to this?

Where is the beauty in this situation?

How can I approach this with wonder and gratitude?

What in my life do I appreciate right now?

What’s happening right now that I’m enjoying?

More Appreciation Resources

Explore these appreciation resources to support you in deepening and expanding your own appreciation practice.

Are you up for the Appreciation Challenge?

Try on some of the appreciation prompts below then take our 66 day Appreciation challenge. You will receive 66 days of guided appreciation prompts, invitations, and questions.

Join us in saying Yes!

Are you willing to appreciate five times as much as you complain?

Are you willing to be more playful, connected, and fun?

Are you willing to seek out what sparks your aliveness?

Are you willing to experience your life and world as a work of art?

Are you willing to see what works instead of what needs fixing?

Are you willing to appreciate this moment as a gift?