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Paying Attention to Sensations Can Help Reset the Mind

MARCH 8, 2024

Paying Attention to Sensations Can Help Reset the Mind

Learning to observe bodily sensation is a powerful strategy for improving mental health



Having grown up in the Danish city …

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Big Leaps – Threshold


In the Big Leaps Video Series, we explore skills that will assist you in expanding your capacity for wonder, choice, and connection.

In this video, Katie shares how we can expand our capacity for giving and receiving love and …

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The Increasing Negativity and Emotionality of News Media Headlines

As part of our commitment to a global shift in our ability to effectively move out of the fear trance and to access choice, connection and collaboration, we share articles and resources that support our learning and discovery. This article… Read More

Befriending Your Victim Personas: Claiming Your Power


In this recording of the third of our four-part series, we give attention to our Victim on the Drama Triangle. This class was facilitated by our colleague Nicole Taylor who shares how our inner victim is at the effect …

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Why Body Intelligence (BQ) And Why Now?

Humans have the opportunity to make the shift now from fear-focused, adrenaline-fueled living to full-body-intelligent living. Body intelligence expands our perspective beyond fear to the rich, millennia-long wisdom we carry in our cells. BQ includes all feelings and inner experience, …

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Paying Attention: The Attention Economy

This article was originally posted in the Berkeley Economic Review, UC Berkeley’s premier undergraduate economics journal.

Ally Mintzer – March 31st, 2020
Editor: Pedro De Marcos

Economics is the study of how scarce resources are allocated; whether that is housing, …

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5 Keys to Creating Connection in a Divided World

In this recording of one of our Big Leap Bridge classes, Yancy Wright presents some powerful communication tools to help us unravel our triggers and use conscious listening in order to find ways to create authentic connection rather than being …

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Let’s Wage a War on Loneliness

The condition isn’t just depressing. It can be deadly.

Orginally appeared in The New York Times on November 9.2019 by Nicholas Kristof

LONDON — We humans make a lonely crowd, and it’s killing us.

Social isolation is more lethal than …

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Different Types of Exercise Affect Different Parts of Your Brain

By Teal Burrell

Pumping iron to sculpt your biceps. Yoga poses to stretch and relax. Running to whittle your waistline and get fit fast. There are loads of reasons why it’s smart to exercise, and most of us are familiar …

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Music takes 13 minutes to ‘release sadness’ and 9 to make you happy, according to new study

Original Article by Helena Asprou appeared on on 4 February 2020

The fascinating new research proves that music heals and suggests that in future, music could be prescribed to help us focus, feel happier, relax and overcome sadness.

New …

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