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The Presencing module shows you how to be fully with a feeling, another person, an unexpected event. When you move from fear to here you can meet life and create by choice.

The Whole-Body Listening module shows you how to bridge and appreciate difference, to try on another’s point of view to expand the possibility of co-creating together rather than recycling us vs. them.

The Breathing module shows you the quickest way to locate yourself here and now and to decrease stress and increase vitality.

The Fear Melters® module shows you how to move from fear to here by using simple, powerful body moves that shift you into agency and choice.

The F.A.C.T. module shows you how to use our premier transformation process, a body intelligence practice that has been honed over several decades and can be used in a wide variety of situations.

The Matching module shows you a way to create congruence between your inner experience and your outer expression. Matching makes use of whole-body thinking and expressing which expands creativity and vitality.

Assistance for Individuals, Communities
and Organizations

Our Resourcefulness faculty is available to support individuals, communities, and organizations. We look forward to assisting you or your community in integrating these practices.

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Our Resourcefulness Faculty share each of the 6 essential skills of our program in this online class series. Watch these recordings to learn how to settle the nervous system, dispel the fear trance and expand your ability to integrate rapid change.

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