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Restoring Resourcefulness Classes

5-Week Online Series

Come discover and personally learn the skills from our Restoring Resourcefulness Program in this no-cost 5-Week Online Series.

The current international crisis is an opportunity for us to come together to generate a global shift in our capacity to face and resolve challenges through creative collaboration. The Restoring Resourcefulness Faculty are bringing you six essential skills that settle the nervous system, dispel the fear trance and expand your ability to integrate rapid change:

Restoring Resourcefulness Together: APRIL 20 – MAY 18, 2020 4PM PACIFIC

  • Week One: Presencing
  • Week Two: Whole Body Listening
  • Week Three: Breathing and Matching
  • Week Four: Fear Melters®
  • Week Five: F.A.C.T.

To maximize quick learning, each online class includes participatory whole group and partner activities to facilitate whole-body learning. Attending via video is highly recommended. Class recordings are available below. 

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To learn more about these practices:

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Watch Replays of Classes in the Series


Restoring Resourcefulness Together, Class One: Presencing


Restoring Resourcefulness Together Class Two: Whole Body Listening


Restoring Resourcefulness Together Class Three: Breathing and Matching


Restoring Resourcefulness Together Class Four: Fear and Fear Melters®