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Are you willing to get real? Are you willing to let your whole self be known?


Are you willing to shift from blame to wonder? What if you embraced just how powerful you are?


Are you open to caring for you and others? What’s sparking wonder and vibrancy in your life?


We’re creating a global shift through deep presence, connection, and body intelligence practices. Support our work. Donate to the Foundation for Conscious Living.

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On this page you’ll find our Integrity Deck videos. Integrity means “an unbroken wholeness or totality with nothing wanting,” an experience of harmony and alignment with yourself in the world. Integrity provides you with a new kind of inner foundation that’s reliable and resourceful. You learn to include an awareness of your body sensations and body wisdom in your daily life, decisions and connections. We have many Integrity Deck videos, all accessible from this page, and we invite you to view and use them!

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Our community of conscious creators share their tips.

Research and More Wisdom

Research and insight keep validating the powerful effects of Authenticity, Response-ability, and Appreciation.

Stories of Transformation

See how others are shifting into Authenticity, Response-ability, and Appreciation.

Gay and Katie’s Biggest Relationship Wows

In this series Gay and Katie share their 31 biggest relationship wows from over 40 years of conscious loving.

Big Leap Home Online Programs

These programs support individuals, organizations, and communities in generating agency, connection and creativity on our shared planet.

Coming Home To Yourself

Restore your inner harmony and balance with simple, powerful body intelligence-based shifts and practices.

Restoring Resourcefulness

Learn easy moves to turn fear into flow so you can access your choices, enjoy the nourishment of authentic connection, and solve problems in new creative ways.

Creating Caring Communities

Incorporate simple body intelligence practices that deepen connection and fun while generating solutions, new structures, and community coherence.

  • Big Leap Bridge (Free Classes)
    Free online twice-monthly classes to support. Come play and have fun with us every month while learning tools that cultivate presence, connection and community.

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he prompts on this app are designed to develop a new way of being in the world, a new story of continuous creativity.