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Unlocking the Fear Code and Accessing Essence Power

Fear can stop us from living a full and abundant life.

We can live inside of fear without even realizing it and be driven by invisible fear in the choices we make and the actions we take.

Watch this video to learn about the science of fear and the four types of fear.

Read Dr. Verma’s article about the Four Types of Fear

Conversations About Fear

People have lots of ideas and beliefs about fear. Our Restoring Resourcefulness Crew gathered recently and explored some of the major myths about fear and how each of them have learned to befriend fear. These conversations are designed to open your discovery of the gifts behind the fear trance.

Explore these resources to learn more about how you can use Fear Melters®

This series of resources supports you restoring your inner harmony and balance with simple, powerful body intelligence-based shifts and practices. You’ll learn to center yourself and create choices with freedom—even in stressful and challenging circumstances.

Melting Fear

Ocean Creatures Introduce Fear Melters®: For Kids and Adults

Start Your Day With Fear Melters®

Start Your Day With Fear Melters®

La Fonte Des Peurs

La Fonte Des Peurs (En Francais) (Fear Melters® presented in French)

Restoring Resourcefulness With Fear Melters® Plus Facing

Coming Home with Fear Melters® Plus Facing

Coming Home To Yourself: Fear Melters® with Rebecca Folsom

Coming Home: The Fear Melters™ with Rebecca Folsom

0310WWC - Part Three Art of the Wiggle

BQ Challenge: Mini-Melters Part Three: The Art of the Wiggle

Coming Home with Fear Melters®

Coming Home with Fear Melters®

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Coming Home to Yourself Through Fear Melters®

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