Fast-Aid For Melting Fear in Relationships


In this recording our colleagues Dhira Brown and Kristina Turner share Fast-Aid For Melting Fear in Relationships where you will learn a tool for befriending and transforming fear.

In this recording we explore:

When you and your partner are in conflict, do you often wish you could easily

  • Feel safe and met
  • Playfully connect
  • Make inspired new choices together

Befriending the 4 kinds of fear reactions – FIGHT, FLEE, FREEZE and FAINT – can help you get there FAST!

Dhira and Kristina use Fear MeltersⓇ to burst out laughing, let go of trying to control what comes next, and open the flow of creative energy every time we meet to plan a class. Join us for the fun of moving beyond fear and discovering new territory in your relationship.

This is a class for partners – watch with a mate, a friend, a buddy, a colleague, a family member….someone you are ready to melt fear with!

Facilitated by Dhira Brown and Kristina Turner
Big Leap Coaches
Hendricks Leadership and Transformation Graduates
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