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The Big Leap Bridge is a free online program that shares Hendricks practices in an interactive online playground. Come learn and discover with us every month while practicing tools that cultivate presence, connection and community. We offer three opportunities per month, including a European time-friendly class. Explore our current offerings below.

Upcoming Classes

Previous Classes

2022 BLB TN Gay

Principles of Manifestation: Creating the Life You Most Want

2023-01 BLB Katie SQ FCL 2

F.A.C.T with the Unknown: Embracing Life Directly

TN BLB Gayle

Sufficiency: The Gateway to Financial Freedom

TN BLB Rebecca

The Power of Resonance

2024 TN BLB Alexande

Identifying, Naming and Weaving Core Values

2024 TN BLB Crystal

Harmonious Agreements: Redefining Boundaries for Fulfilling Relationships

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