Identifying, Naming and Weaving Core Values


Facilitated by Alexande DeBlieux

In this recording of a Big Leap Bridge class, our colleague Alexande DeBlieux shares from his experience as a brand consultant and coach. Alexande has spent many years working with business owners and stakeholders to identify the statements that define organizations and their culture. Recently, he’s been experimenting with weaving this work with personal discovery, supporting the identification and definition of the words and statements that define our own essence.

During this recording, Alexande will share and facilitate some of these magical exercises that have shaped so many of his clients and their organizations. Together, you will get an opportunity to narrow down and name the values that matter most to you and ponder how they weave the fabric of the commitments and agreements you create and uphold.

About the facilitator:

Brand + Personal Consultant | Big Leap Coach | Restoring Resourcefulness Faculty Intern