Big Leap Bridge

Our Attention Carries our Intention 7/24/23


Today Katie shares that Loop of Awareness is the windshield wiper of attention – moving our attention by choice really clears the field. This reset or clearing is one of the great benefits of Loop of Awareness. Katie suggests …

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Big Leaps – Threshold


In the Big Leaps Video Series, we explore skills that will assist you in expanding your capacity for wonder, choice, and connection.

In this video, Katie shares how we can expand our capacity for giving and receiving love and …

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Crafting Your Delight Driven Life: Uncovering Your Essence


This recording is focused on helping you identify and align with your essence qualities in the midst of your primary daily activities. Our colleague Diana Mizer will guide us in choosing to actively include what is most important to …

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Spacious Intentions for Friendly Completions


In this recording you will have an opportunity to join Kristina Turner for Spacious Intentions for Friendly Completions. Have you been feeling stuck and alone trying to manifest what you most want? Maybe it’s time to get in …

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Space for Something New 5/15/23


Today Katie begins by asking us to notice our arms and how we can move to signal to ourselves that we’re ready to connect  and engage. We play with reaching out and scooping love. Katie suggests that whole-torso love …

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Fresh in the Moment 5/8/23


Our colleague Greg Newman joins us today for Love in Action and shares how he experiences the Hendricks tools as fresh in each moment and how he continues to learn and discover especially in groups like this. Greg shares …

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Anger is Your Ally: Mining the Wisdom of the World’s Most Stigmatized Emotion


In this recording, our colleague Juna Mustad shares on the topic: Anger is Your Ally: Mining the Wisdom of the World’s Most Stigmatized Emotion

You will learn how at its core, this fiery emotion is a messenger that …

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Gazing with Ahhhh 5/1/23


Today Katie invites us to enjoy the Ahhhhhhh sound and we play with sending it out with our attention along with gazing and then returning our gaze inward to ourselves with another ahhhh. We experiment with the feeling of …

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Big Leap Bridge Restoring Resourcefulness Series: Matching


This recording features the tool “Matching” and is from our series on the Restoring Resourcefulness Program. Learn how to engage and resonate as you express yourself even when you don’t have the words! Matching is a practice that supports …

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Painting the World with Love 4/24/23


Today Katie begins by inviting you to think of a recent moment when you were having a great time, whether with people you like to be with or a place you love. She suggests imagining you are there right …

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