Re · sponse · a · bil · i · ty

How to Move from Blame to Wonder


  1. Self-authorship
  2. Creative empowerment
  3. Conscious action, not unconscious re-action

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The Rapid Response-Ability Experience

Get it easy, get it fast. Grow it with your whole body-mind, now.

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Shift into Response-ability anytime you like with one of these simple questions:

Hmmm, what can I discover thanks to this?

How am I creating this?

What do I really really really want here?

How am I empowered in this situation?

Where might I see “choice” where I’ve never seen it before?

How is this familiar, and what in me is asking for love?

What possibilities arise when I acknowledge creating or inviting this?

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Response-ability in action

Get it easy, get it fast. Grow it with your whole body-mind, now using Jody Kaylor's Step On It process. Using Step On It you'll shift into response-able action.

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Are you willing to admit just how powerful you are?

Are you willing to reclaim self-authorship where you haven’t felt it before?

Are you willing to take 100% response-ability for all aspects of your life?

Are you willing to love yourself for every choice you’ve made?

Want More Response-ability Wonder Questions?

A Wonder Question is asked with genuine wonder that is free from attitude and expectation for a specific or immediate answer. Wonder is spacious. When you ask a Wonder Question, your rational mind expands and you literally feel more space in your body and mind. In this open space, which the philosopher J. Krishnamurti called “freedom from the known,” there is room for miracles to occur.

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