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Creating Caring Communities

The Big Leap to Community Coherence

This series of free tools and resources outline a context of presencing, connecting, and collaborating together to bring your community visions to life in ways that deeply nourish and renew. You’ll incorporate simple body intelligence practices that deepen connection and fun while generating solutions, new structures, and community coherence.

Featured Resources for Creating Caring Communities

Explore these resources and practices to support you in co-creating caring communities.

More Caring Communities Resources

Katie April 5b

Healthy Responsibility: Easy Shifting into Responsibility 4/5/21

Katie April 5

Opening Space 4/5/21

Katie Jan 11

The Incredible Power of Fear Melters® While Seated
January 11, 2021

Katie January 18

One New Choice Enhances Intuition
January 18, 2021

Katie January 25

Turn Toward, Around, Behind and Under ‘What is’
January 25, 2021

Katie February 1

Directing Our Attention Like Water
February 1, 2021

Katie February 8

Appreciation = Sensitive Awareness
February 8, 2021

Katie Feb 15

Choose An Intention to Add to Your Attention
February 15, 2021

Katie March 29b

Emotional Literacy: Welcoming Feelings 3/29/21

Katie March 29

River of Awareness: How Flow Allows Presence 3/29/21

Katie March 22b

Conscious Communication: Matching 3/22/21

Katie March 22

Fanning and Focusing our Attention 3/22/21

Katie March 15b

Going Direct: What and By When 3/15/21

Katie March 15a

The Gift of Savoring 3/15/21

Katie 3:1:21 #2

Listening Appreciatively 3/1/21

Katie 3:8:21 b

Presencing our Inner World 3/8/21

Katie 3.8.21 a

Filling our Attention Reservoirs 3/8/21

Katie March 1 #1

Expanding Our Point of View 3/1/21


The Architecture of Agreements 2/22/21

Katie Sprinkles

Sprinkles of Love 2/22/21

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