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Creating Caring Communities

The Big Leap to Community Coherence

This series of free tools and resources outline a context of presencing, connecting, and collaborating together to bring your community visions to life in ways that deeply nourish and renew. You’ll incorporate simple body intelligence practices that deepen connection and fun while generating solutions, new structures, and community coherence.

Featured Resources for Creating Caring Communities

Explore these resources and practices to support you in co-creating caring communities.

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Live Love Scooping for Ourselves and Our Planet


The Presence-Connect-Play App

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Community Blog

Basic Toss Orange Final

The Basic Toss

Big Leap Bridge (Free Online Classes)

The Big Leap Bridge: Free Online Classes


Coaching Circles

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Creating Caring Communities: 5 Keys to Creating Connection in a Divided World

Introducing Stuckface

Creating Caring Communities: Stuckface

20-Second Hug

Creating Caring Communities: The Power of a 20-Second Hug

Dance Tribe 1

Creating Caring Communities: Moving Together – Ecstatic Dance

Grieving Square 2

Creating Caring Communities: Wonder-Filled Grieving

Caring for Our Planet

Creating Caring Communities: Caring for Our Planet





More Caring Communities Resources

Creating Caring Communities: Appreciative Listening

Caring Communities: Appreciative Listening

Melting Fear-Fight

Caring Communities: Melting Fear-Fight