Move from Fear to
Ease, Choice and Connection

Learn About Integrity!
The Integrity Deck and More

Drawing from the deep, body-centered wisdom taught by Katie and Gay Hendricks in their seminars, each card in the deck communicates an effective way to shift into integrity with ourselves and others.
You can find videos that share about the integrity skills you’ll find in the deck. Click below to learn more or purchase a deck.

Weekly Live Calls
with Katie Hendricks

Learn to expand your capacity to give and receive attention with Katie and our Caring Community every week at 9 am Pacific for a no-cost 15 minute live online call. Love in Action with Katie Hendricks combines two practices that will support you in moving from fear to love through presence.

Unlocking the Fear Code
and Harnessing a New Fuel Source

Fear Can Stop Us From Living A Full And Abundant Life. Almost all problems have fear locked up at the source. When you learn to shift from fear to here, you are available to enjoy aliveness, make nourishing connections, and co-create solutions rather than recycling the same adrenaline-fueled reactions. Click below to learn how to unlock the fear code.

Resources to Restore
Harmony and Connection

We offer live and recorded online classes and videos led by Katie and Gay Hendricks and our colleagues that will assist you in learning somatic practices. You will learn how to move from fear to love through presence. We share tools such as breathing, self-love, facing, and accepting that you can use right away in your daily life.

We are available
to assist you!

Our Restoring Resourcefulness Faculty offer 15-20 minute coaching sessions to assist you in coming home to yourself using our transformational tools. These proven tools and practices continue to support thousands of people worldwide. Click on the button below to schedule your no-cost session.

Big Leap Bridge
No Cost Online Classes

Join our Caring Community to learn and discover Hendricks tools with our Big Leap Coaches who are Hendrick’s Leadership and Transformation Program graduates. You will have the opportunity to explore topics such as breathing, integrity, upper limits, and how to move from fear to love through presence. Click below to learn more or to register.

The Buzz

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The Energy of Thank You 11/21/22

Stories of Transformation

The Kindness that Grows in our Hearts

It felt like the perfect morning for a donut with hot coffee, so off we went to Donut Time. While waiting in the car for my husband, I had the pleasure of a huge heart opening with two tiny tots leaving with their Mama. Thrilled with their recent cache, and ready to make their way…

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The Authenticity Learning Curve!

Our colleague Kristina Turner, Hendricks Leadership and Transformation Program graduate, Certified Big Leap Coach, and member of the Foundation for Conscious Living Restoring Resourcefulness Faculty, shares this story about her experience during a dental procedure.  This article was originally published in Kristina’s newsletter, Spark!   WOWZA! During a long dentist appointment yesterday, I put my…

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Adding Her Voice

The Rev. Dr. Dee Cooper, who is a member of our Restoring Resourcefulness Faculty, has served her second year as a delegate to the UN Commission on the Status of Women.  Dee has been moved by the ideology stated by Ralph Johnson Bunche, who won the Nobel Peace Prize in 1950, that “Peace is no…

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Healthy Responsibility: A Personal Story

The Mop & The Kitty I recently unwound a familiar pattern that showed up throughout my life. The pattern was me being on the lookout for a burden to alleviate, or coming to someone’s rescue with the expectation of receiving oodles of praise, love or money. In reality I would end up being horribly disappointed…

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Facing Into Personal Challenges

Life has been pretty rocky lately for so many. How can you fully respond, find your feet when you’ve been knocked over by the unexpected or gotten trapped in fear? Dee Cooper shares her recent experience with health issues and how each of us can care for ourselves and be of service.  Watch her video,…

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Research and More Wisdom

Introduction to the Drama Triangle with Katie Hendricks

  In this recording of a Big Leap Bridge online class that took place on February 2, 2022, Dr. Katie Hendricks introduces tools that will assist you in finding presence and releasing the adrenaline addiction that fuels many interactions these days. When we take 100% responsibility, we stand and interact as a whole person who…

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Unmasking Our Hero Personas: Learning Healthy Responsibility

  In this recording of a Big Leap Bridge online class that took place on February 23, 2022, our colleagues Terry Morganti-Fisher and Michele Yasuda introduce tools that will assist you in finding presence and releasing the adrenaline addiction that fuels many interactions these days. In this second class in our Drama Triangle Series, we…

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Healthy Responsibility: How to Stop Feeling Like a Victim

In this video Katie Hendricks speaks about how we can shift from blame to wonder through getting curious and focusing on healthy responsibility.

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A Month of Self-Appreciations

A Month of Self-Appreciations This resource will give you 31 days of self-appreciations that you can use to create aliveness and deep connection with yourself. Click on the button below to download this transformational tool. A Month of Self-Appreciations

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Authenticity in Leadership

This audio comes from a conversation Dr. Daphne Scott had with Dr. Katie Hendricks on the Super Fantastic Leadership Show discussing the challenges leaders face in being authentic, personas, what the benefits are of being authentic, and how we can actually become authentic as leaders in the best way possible.

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