Move from Fear to Here
and support a global shift by

Unlocking the Fear Code
and Accessing Essence Power

Fear can stop us from living a full and abundant life

Almost all problems have fear locked up at the source. When you learn to shift from fear to here, you are available to enjoy aliveness, make nourishing connections, and co-create solutions rather than recycling the same adrenaline-fueled reactions.

The Big Leap Home Online Programs

The Big Leap Home Online Programs support individuals, organizations, and communities in generating agency, connection and creativity on our shared planet.

Here’s a video introduction to the programs we’ll be creating through 2020:

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BQ Challenge: Pattern Interrupt

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Conscious Living Transformational Circle

Stories of Transformation

The Power of Committing and Recommitting

One of the reasons I am grateful for the work of Katie and Gay Hendricks is what I have learned about the power of commitment and re-commitment. A powerful way that I have used this skill successfully is in my work to address the crisis of homelessness. I have worked to alleviate this issue both…

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Unpacking Essence Pace

Your essence pace is the speed of movement that allows you to feel connected to yourself while being aware of the people and events around you. Here, leadership and transformation program grad Aileen Hayden talks about finding her essence pace. Click here or on the image below to read what she discovered. Aileen Hayden is…

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Conscious Completion

Completion allows an opening to new possibilities. When we consciously complete we turn toward the future with clarity and open space. One of our leadership program grads, Janet Parks, has created a process she calls Conscious Completion, which is a favorite in our community. We’re sharing this to support your experience of clearing and taking…

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We explored pace, identifying fear and expressing emotions.

This photo is from a Body Intelligence workshop in Los Angeles. We explored pace, identifying fear and expressing emotions. Here are a couple of comments from participants: Nailah-“I feel like through the workshop I have learned a great deal about self awareness and moving at ones own pace.” Jom – Working around children in a…

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Expressing My Creativity Ended The Cycle of Fighting With My Husband

My husband and I have been together for almost 20 years, and we’ve probably spent the last 10 fighting. We love each other very much, and wanted to be together, but we’d just get in these vicious cycles and neither of us knew how to get out. It was time-consuming, energy-sucking and life-draining—literally. It got…

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Research and More Wisdom

The Science of Responsibility

Yancy Wright, a member of our Leadership community, has researched the science that supports the benefits of taking genuine responsibility as opposed to assigning blame. Click here to read this fascinating two-page article.

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Authenticity: More Powerful Than Concealing The Truth

Download a PDF of the entire article here. by Yancy Wright Have you ever felt uncomfortable in your own skin? Pretending to be something or someone that we aren’t can be uncomfortable and exhausting. Most of the time we aren’t aware of the many ways we create this incongruency within ourselves. As a young child,…

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Environmental Stewardship and the Elimination of Plastic

You can be Earth- and life-friendly by making conscious choices that support the environment. Learn more by reading our article on Environmental Stewardship and Eliminating the Use of Plastics.

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Appreciation: More Powerful Than Criticism

Download a PDF of the entire article here. by Yancy Wright What is keeping us from experiencing more joy in life? People are told that life has its “ups and downs,” and many of us believe that joy is surely not meant to be felt all the time. Yet, recently I’ve started an inquiry process…

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The Four Types of Fear

Learn about why we feel fear, the four types of fear, and what you can do to shift from Fear to Here. Download a PDF of the entire article here. by Vandana Verma   “Emotions are played out “in the theatre of the body”—A.R Damasio Why is learning about fear important? Biology tells us that…

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