Processes for Practical Magic

Resources to Restore
Harmony and Connection

We offer live and recorded online classes and videos led by Katie and Gay Hendricks and our colleagues that will assist you in learning somatic practices. You will learn how to move from fear to love through presence. We share tools such as breathing, self-love, facing, and accepting that you can use right away in your daily life.

Weekly Live Calls
with Katie Hendricks

Learn to expand your capacity to give and receive attention, an essential human nutrient, with Katie and our Caring Community every week at 9 am Pacific for a no-cost 15 minute live online call. Love in Action with Katie Hendricks combines two practices that will support you in moving from fear to love through presence.

Learn About Integrity!
The Integrity Deck and More

Drawing from the deep, body-centered wisdom taught by Katie and Gay Hendricks in their seminars, each card in the deck communicates an effective way to shift into the felt experience of wholeness with ourselves and others.
 You can find videos that share about the practical integrity skills you’ll find in the deck. Click below to learn more or purchase a deck.

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2024 TN Hendricks Seminars

Expanding Your Body-Centered Approach to Life & Love

2024 TN BLB Katie drama

The Dance of the Drama Triangle: Creating a New Fuel Source

Living Miracles Card Deck

A Card Deck Containing Essential Wisdom from Gay Hendricks

Purchasing this new deck of cards is one way to support the Foundation for Conscious Living, as all deck sales go toward funding the Foundation.


These illuminated quotes of Gay Hendricks are full of wisdom, providing bite-sized insight and inspiration in seconds. A collection of Oooh’s and Ah’s and O’s and Hmmm’s to get your self-awareness juices playfully flowing.

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Stories of Transformation


A message from Big Leap Coach, Alexande DeBlieux: Clutter Story of Transformation Originally published December 13, 2023 on Alexande’s blog, Big Ideas with Alexande. A few weeks ago, I had to unexpectedly buy a new computer after the MacBook I’ve had since 2016 finally began to give out. But hey, seven years is pretty impressive…

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An Example of How to Explore and Play with Fear Melters®

A message from Leadership and Transformation Graduate and Big Leap Coach, Damian Cade: I wanted to let you know that I finished teaching the ‘Dance as Therapy’ course at WWU in December to 18 students. I incorporated so much of what I’ve learned with you and Gay into my curriculum: I taught them open and…

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Using Fear Melters® in a Dance Competition

  Damian Cade, one of our Big Leap coaches, recently shared the tangible, positive benefits of Fear Melters® he experienced during a recent dance competition. Enjoy!  “I went to a dance competition this last weekend, and I used the fear melters again and again to process fear around showing up and being seen. I danced…

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Treating the Causes, Not the Symptoms: Solutions for Menstrual Suffering

  From Gay: I had a great visit with Christine Marie Quigless, a remarkable woman who uses body-centered and Big Leap strategies for healing PMS, endometriosis, and similar problems. Here is her white paper, and here is a post-reading commentary companion to the white paper. Here is the Abstract from Christine Marie’s white paper: Abstract:…

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Yolanda’s Café:
 Origin Story Born of Appreciation.

By Art Durand We have a Starbucks in Quakertown. (Two things to get out of the way here. 1) Starbucks is pretty much shit in it’s corporate treatment of employees etc. and Quakertown is just plain fun to say.) On with the story… In the beginning of the pandemic it was a place I’d drive…

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Research and More Wisdom

Paying Attention to Sensations Can Help Reset the Mind

MARCH 8, 2024 Paying Attention to Sensations Can Help Reset the Mind Learning to observe bodily sensation is a powerful strategy for improving mental health BY NORMAN FARB & ZINDEL SEGAL   Having grown up in the Danish city of Copenhagen, chef Rene Redzepi recalls feeling dissatisfied with the fast-food world to which many…

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The Increasing Negativity and Emotionality of News Media Headlines

As part of our commitment to a global shift in our ability to effectively move out of the fear trance and to access choice, connection and collaboration, we share articles and resources that support our learning and discovery. This article by David Rozado features scientific studies that show a correlation between the change in the…

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5 Keys to Creating Connection in a Divided World

In this recording of one of our Big Leap Bridge classes, Yancy Wright presents some powerful communication tools to help us unravel our triggers and use conscious listening in order to find ways to create authentic connection rather than being caught up in the cycle of drama.

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Different Types of Exercise Affect Different Parts of Your Brain

By Teal Burrell Pumping iron to sculpt your biceps. Yoga poses to stretch and relax. Running to whittle your waistline and get fit fast. There are loads of reasons why it’s smart to exercise, and most of us are familiar with the menu of options and how each can shape and benefit your body. But…

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Research on the Power of Breathing

Elemental, a new Medium publication about health and wellness, has published a fascinating article by health and science writer Markham Heid, about the power of breathing to quickly relieve stress.  Click here to read the article.

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