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Coming Home to Yourself Through Fear Melters®

In these resources you will discover the power of Fear Melters®, which were developed by Katie Hendricks. Each of the Fear Melters® supports you in coming home to yourself by befriending and shifting fear to presence and new choice. You’ll learn about the four ways our brain reacts in fear and the four shift moves that can restore inner harmony, balance and expanded possibility. These powerful body intelligence-based practices will assist you in centering yourself and freeing up choice – even in stressful and challenging circumstances.

The four Fear Melters® are: Wiggle, Ooze, Root, and Love Scoops.

Note: We are integrating a change to Fear Melters®. We have shifted the icon and instructions for melting the flee response to Root, which we think will be more aligned with the other melters and available to more people.

Explore these resources to learn more about how you can use Fear Melters®

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Coming Home with “Root”

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Fear Melters® in Spanish


A Daily Two-Minute Fear Melters® Practice

Coming Home with Fear Melters® Dance

Coming Home with Fear Melters® Dance

Restoring Resourcefulness With Fear Melters® Plus Feeling

Coming Home with Fear Melters® and Fully Feeling Your Feelings

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Melting Fear

Explore More

TN BLH Restoring Resourcefulness

Restoring Resourcefulness Program

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Breathing Practices

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An Easy Way to Remember Fear Melters®