Fear Melters® Testimonial

Steven F.

It didn’t take long for me to start a timer on Google for FOUR minutes and start doing Fear Melters. As I went through some of the usual moves, I noticed I was shifting from love scoops to spontaneously slapping my chest and legs, not really hurting myself, it was more like matching the slaps to the intensity of the emotion I was feeling. Soon waves of sadness came over me and I felt like crying, and I made crying sounds, but there was this emptiness inside and even though I lay down on the carpet in something like fetal position, my eyes felt dry, as if I was already cried out. I covered my eyes with Kleenex and was just laying there not really thinking of anything, when I heard a sound coming from outside, like whoops of a police siren, but finally I realized it was the timer I randomly chose, telling me time was up. Then I started to chuckle at myself, NO, I was chuckling at the Universe for how this Fear Melters session was wrapping up. I can now confirm that it only takes 4 minutes of Fear Melters for me to make an actual shift in the state my body was in, even from a deeply emotional situation.

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