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The Big Leap Home Online Programs

Supporting individuals, organizations, and communities
in generating agency, connection, and creativity
on our shared planet.

Coming Home to Yourself

This series of resources supports you restoring your inner harmony and balance with simple, powerful body intelligence-based shifts and practices. You’ll learn to center yourself and create choices with freedom—even in stressful and challenging circumstances.

Restoring Resourcefulness

This program supports a global shift in our ability to effectively move out of the fear trance and to experience access to choice, connection and collaboration. We offer six modules which are designed to be used by communities and organizations in stress that want to respond, rather than react.

Creating Caring Communities

This series of free tools and resources outline a context of presencing, connecting, and collaborating together to bring your community visions to life in ways that deeply nourish and renew. You’ll incorporate simple body intelligence practices that deepen connection and fun while generating solutions, new structures, and community coherence.

Recommended Foundational Resources