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How to Get Real


  1. Transparency
  2. Alignment to what is
  3. Matching outer expression and inner experience

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The Rapid Authenticity Experience

Get it easy, get it fast. Grow it with your whole body-mind, now.

Open Sesame!

Shift into Authenticity anytime you like with one of these simple questions:

How am I experiencing that in my body?

What is my breathing telling me right now?

What’s the simplest way to express how I feel?

If I were just telling the dog/cat/goldfish/blender how I really feel, I’d say …

What is the essence of what wants to be communicated in this moment?

The Simple Question

The Five Wishes

A guide to asking the simple question that can make all your dreams come true. To accompany the book, Five Wishes, by Gay Hendricks. Click below for the downloadable worksheet.

Are you up for the Authenticity Challenge?

Are you willing to live without any secrets?

Are you willing to see the world with fresh, open eyes, instead of clinging to old stories?

Are you willing to live in constant discovery mode, and share what you find?

Are you willing to let all of yourself be known?

Are you willing to have fun being you, no matter how you’re being received?

Are you willing to love your every experience?