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Being real.

Noticing what's going on and communicating it with another person so you can truly connect with them.

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How to Get Real

  1. Transparency
  2. Alignment to what is
  3. Matching outer expression and inner experience 


  1. A regret-free life
  2. High-voltage vibrancy
  3. Joyful, authentic intimacy
  4. Effective communication
  5. Clean, decisive, ease-ful action

What it isn't

  • Being "nice"
  • A weapon
  • Wearing a mask
A preview of the Conscious Living and Loving Initiative

Imagine a world in which everybody tells the truth.

Speaking honestly is one of the three key moves from the Conscious Living and Loving Initiative. Join now to help create a global revolution in how we communicate in love, work and politics.

The Rapid Authenticity Experience

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Get it easy, get it fast. Grow it with your whole body-mind, now.

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The Science of Authenticity

Learn about the science of authenticity and how authenticity is more powerful than concealing the truth.

Awaken Authenticity

Shift into Authenticity anytime you like with one of these simple questions


How am I experiencing that in my body?

What is my breathing telling me right now?

What's the simplest way to express how I feel?

If I were just telling the dog/cat/golfish/blender how I really feel, I'd say...

What is the essence of what wants to be communicated in this moment?

Five Wishes

This short film was made from Gay’s New York Times bestseller, Five Wishes. It takes you on a deeply moving 20 minute journey through the real-life experience that inspired the book. Gay is played by Michael Goorjian (whom we first saw with Morgan Freeman in Hard Rain) and Karron Graves turns in a stellar performance as Katie. (We scouted Karron from a Robert de Niro movie.) In his one and only acting performance, Gay plays the inscrutable character who has a life-changing conversation with Michael in the library. If you like love, romance, emotional breakthroughs and inspiring life wisdom, sit down with Five Wishes, a bowl of popcorn and enjoy! Click below for a free downloadable worksheet.

Try on these invitations to authenticity for yourself. What does your body say?

Are you willing to... without any secrets?

...see the world with fresh, open eyes, instead of clinging to old stories? in constant discovery mode, and share what you find?

...let all of yourself be known?

...have fun being you, no matter how you’re being received? your every experience?

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