Fear Melters® Testimonial

Greg Newman

I’ve been playing with finding my “sweet spot“ with my fear melters.

When I’m moving, I’m feeling into the speed and rhythm and movement until it feels just right in my body. Like Goldilocks.

If I’m moving too much or too quickly, I might still be aware of my body, but my awareness of my “soft filling“ disappears.

So I’m playing with slowing the melter down, making it more subtle and/or changing the dimensionality of it in some way until I feel my soft filling again. That’s the sweet spot.

When I drop into it I feel seamless and expansive. It’s like my whole body — and the space around me — becomes the sweet spot.

And it gets even more fascinating…my sweet spot is opening a new realm of sensory experiencing where I’m sensing the sensation within the sensation.

As this happens it feels like some new evolutionary possibility is opening up in and around me.

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