Fear Melters® Testimonial

Darlene Bellis

While doing love scoops every morning for weeks I noticed a place I was NOT sending love… my fingernails. I had had a life long habit of biting my nails to the point of bleeding.

I had generated tremendous shame (and pain) throughout my life with this embarrassing vice.

So, I began sending drops of love to my fingers and nails and then tenderly kissing them while listening to my favorite love scooping song. A few days into it I had an epiphany that biting my nails was one of my signature ULPs. I know Fear Melters® as a daily routine opened the door to my unconscious agreement to feel shame after a long period of feeling good.

I have been enjoying having beautiful nails for over a year and a half now.

Not only do I feel grounded, in flow and empowered throughout the days I begin with Fear Melters® I experience the practice as incredibly healing on so many levels.


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