Using Fear Melters® in a Dance Competition


Damian Cade, one of our Big Leap coaches, recently shared the tangible, positive benefits of Fear Melters® he experienced during a recent dance competition. Enjoy! 

“I went to a dance competition this last weekend, and I used the fear melters again and again to process fear around showing up and being seen. I danced better than I’ve ever danced before, and my dance partner Bailey and I ended up winning. The moves we did are all improvised, but we decided to start our spotlight with a move you might recognize (cue to 3:00 in if you want to jump straight to that).
Afterward people kept asking me what had changed to make my dancing that much better, and I kept teaching the fear melters to people. A friend of mine tried it for the first time right before her competition and using them completely changed her experience from one of fear to one of easy excitement.”