An Example of How to Explore and Play with Fear Melters®

A message from Leadership and Transformation Graduate and Big Leap Coach, Damian Cade:

I wanted to let you know that I finished teaching the ‘Dance as Therapy’ course at WWU in December to 18 students. I incorporated so much of what I’ve learned with you and Gay into my curriculum: I taught them open and closed body posture, yes breath, creative joint play, the FACT process, befriending feelings, conscious heart process, con-ex-con, and chunking. We played with partner dancing therapy, as well as group movement.

I talked about you and Gay a lot during the course, and I faced into just how much the experiences I had with you both impacted me.

Some of the anonymous feedback I got from the course evaluations:

“This has been without a doubt the most healing course of my college career”

“This is the best class I have ever taken”

“A really wonderful class! Magic was made”

“Finally a class where I can see this being my career”

“This class helped me feel certain that I want to be a dance therapist”

WWU may hire me back again, and I’m hoping that my course can become a regular offering there.

I also realized how important it is to have a bell to bring people back from play – when people are given full license to exaggerate and play, the energy can become beautifully wild. I remember you talking about the importance of having  a bell. I’m picking up the 3-chime hand bell I ordered from the music store tomorrow =D

I wanted to share with you one of the final projects from the course that my student Joanna made. They collaged about yes breath and fear melters. They wholeheartedly endorsed it being shared around.  You can view their collage here.

I’m over here wiggling and breathing, enjoying happy tears at the ripples of consciousness continuing outward.

Sending you and Gay love,