Treating the Causes, Not the Symptoms: Solutions for Menstrual Suffering


From Gay:

I had a great visit with Christine Marie Quigless, a remarkable woman who uses body-centered and Big Leap strategies for healing PMS, endometriosis, and similar problems. Here is her white paper, and here is a post-reading commentary companion to the white paper.

Here is the Abstract from Christine Marie’s white paper:

Abstract: Menstrual Suffering is an accepted and normalized problem that a majority of people with uteruses face during the menstruating years. Though common, the effects of people living with Menstrual Suffering on a long-term basis are highly consequential. People who deal with menstrual pain generally receive medical help in the form of symptom management, which fails to treat the cause and leaves the reproductive organs to degenerate, which can result in long-term consequences like ever-increasing pain and cycle irregularity, decreased fertility, hysterectomy, and the prescription of psychiatric medication, as well as the compounded health complications that result from reproductive system disorders. This white paper sets out to define the causes of Menstrual Suffering and the means to treat the causes through the risk-free and physical-intervention-free process supported by the Fierce Gentleness™ framework. The white paper also includes a discussion of how the framework effects the shift from menstrual disorder to menstrual order and gives a sample of the results through case studies.