Crafting Your Delight Driven Life: Uncovering Your Essence


This recording is focused on helping you identify and align with your essence qualities in the midst of your primary daily activities. Our colleague Diana Mizer will guide us in choosing to actively include what is most important to us in the forefront of our lives.

On this call we will explore what essence qualities we are strongly drawn to and how we can use these to create more of what we really want in every area of our lives. What we discover will become a clarifying filter we can utilize along with our body’s intelligence to make decisions large and small in our lives and relationships.

You will discover:

What is most important to you

How to easily integrate your priorities into your life

How these practices help you in manifestation

Enjoy this playful dive into the elements of designing a life on Purpose that leaves plenty of room for magic!

Our Facilitator:

Diana Mizer , Big Leap Coach

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