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Accountability: A Necessary Step Before Unity

By Nicole Taylor

Two weeks ago, a mob of Trump supporters stormed the Capitol building to interrupt the certification of the 2020 election. They harmed and in some cases caused the death of Capitol police officers, they vandalized and stole …

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Gay’s Breathing Part Two

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Gay’s Breathing Part One

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Big Leap Bridge Class: Unlocking the Fear Code with Katie Hendricks


Facilitated by Kathlyn Hendricks, PhD, BC-DMT

Fear can stop us from living a full and abundant life. We can live inside of an invisible fear context without even realizing it …

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Big Leap Bridge Class: The Magic of Inspiration

The Magic of Inspiration:Tapping into Your Inner Wellspring of Creative Possibilities Facilitated by Glenn Agoncillo Have you ever been inspired by someone or read something that really moved you? What did you do about it? Did you know that the… Read More

Big Leap Bridge Class: Befriending Your Inner World

Befriending Your Inner World: What Are the Bits Doing?
Distinguishing Between Physical Sensations and the Stories We Add Onto Them
Facilitated by Aileen Hayden In this one-hour class, we’ll practice friendly ways to:
notice body sensations
name body sensations
communicate… Read More

Big Leap Bridge Class: Five Gateways to Dynamic Stability

Five Gateways to Dynamic StabilityFacilitated By: Nicole Taylor In this class you will have the opportunity to discover five gateways to dynamic stability so that you can be resourced as we face all that is going on our planet.… Read More

How to Navigate the Big Leap Home Network

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Community Fear Melters®

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Using F.A.C.T. to Presence Fear and Respond Rather than React

In this video, Rod Syme, our Restoring Resourcefulness colleague, shares a couple of stories of how he uses F.A.C.T. to move through interactions with people who cross his path at a park. He uses facing, accepting, and choosing to shift …

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