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Healthy Responsibility: Easy Shifting into Responsibility 4/5/21

Katie began our practice today with exploring expanding our awareness of our stress signals by inviting us to try on a body posture that we take on when we feel stressed or judgmental, and then noticing somewhere in our body …

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Big Leap Bridge: Presencing

Restoring Resourcefulness: Introduction to Presencing

Watch the recording of An Introduction to Presencing facilitated by Dr. Vandana Verma and Terry Morganti-Fisher. This first class in our Restoring Resourcefulness series took place on January 21, 2021.

What is Presencing?
Presencing is …

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Emotional Literacy: Welcoming Feelings 3/29/21

The flow of feelings of sensations can give us solutions. If I am thinking about the issue in my head or talking to others, is not the same as the deep eternal wisdom that comes through when I presence sensations. …

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Conscious Communication: Matching 3/22/21

Today, Katie shares with us how we can open up aliveness and flow by matching our inner experience with our outer expression. When our language closely matches our experience, we are creating congruence, and this can unkink our energy hose. …

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Filling our Attention Reservoirs 3/8/21

In our call today, Katie explores the refreshment and nourishment that our attention provides. People generally think of our attention as something that we give, such as “paying attention” to something. We forget that attention is something all our …

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A Video About Matching

Here is a video about Matching made by Restoring Resourcefulness Faculty Member Crystal Dawn Rios.…

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Listening Appreciatively 3/1/21

In our practice today, Katie shares how we can use the skill of Conscious Communication by listening to others accurately, appreciatively and inviting wonder. Rather than “ being right” we can shift to genuinely appreciating and getting curious about …

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The Architecture of Agreements 2/22/21


Every Monday Katie shares an integrity skill from our Integrity Deck, a resource that you can use to deepen your commitment to authenticity, responsibility and appreciation. In today’s session, Katie suggests that we can recover our wholeness using the …

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Resources for Volunteering

I’m Michael Deloughery, a faculty member of the Restoring Resourcefulness program. For most of my life, I have volunteered for organizations and events that I valued and wanted to contribute to. 

My volunteer experiences have ranged from easy, fun interactions …

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Coming Home with Integrity in the Workplace

The word integrity appears in most companies’ vision and mission statements. New employees are expected to measure up to the company’s integrity standard. Testimonial dinners often extol the recipient’s stellar integrity. And when a problem occurs, everybody claims the high …

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