The Dance of the Drama Triangle: Creating a New Fuel Source


Facilitated by: Dr. Katie Hendricks
In this recording of a one-hour class, Dr. Katie Hendricks returns to our Bridge community to offer an introduction to the drama triangle,. This recording will open up a world of possibilities for you to understand yourself and your life choices. So many people get their life fuel from adrenaline spikes, which require escalation to get the same “hit.” When we shift from adrenaline to presence, connection and play, we liberate a remarkable and renewable fuel source. When we take 100% responsibility in our lives, we stand and interact as whole humans who see others as equals. We get to weave our creativity with others and co-create rather than recycle the same old stories.
You will learn how to identify the three main ways that humans drift from presence and create drama: Hero, Victim and Villain. You’ll also experience how to shift to presence and how to actually play with being stuck.
Katie introduces how:
  • to recognize when you slip (or dive) into the drama triangle
  • to identify and lightly wear the roles (personas) that you learned
  • to have fun with your personas and learn from them