Sufficiency: The Gateway to Financial Freedom


In this recording our colleague Gayle Colman shares her wisdom and asks us some important questions:

Would you love to feel relief, joy, and expanded choices in your relationship with money?

What if the way to sustain financial freedom has been with you all of your life?

What if you can skip the search for limiting money stories and engage a tiny practice instead?

What if our body intelligence is the way?

In this one-hour class we engage in simple and potent tiny practices to experience the elegance of sufficiency and claim our safety, connection and worth. Embodied sufficiency supports our clarity to make confident financial choices.

Embodied sufficiency catalyzes freedom of choice.

  • Feel and experience your whole-body presence of sufficiency.
  • Reclaim your power and worth.
  • Access your innate intelligence for truth.
  • Receive practical tools for money muscle building and embodied sufficiency.

Gayle Colman
Graduate, Hendricks Leadership and Transformation Program
Master Integral Coach™
Co-Founder, Colman Knight
Founder, Somatic Finance®
Author, The Body of Money, Available Now

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