Self Care Lifestyles for Community Wellness


In this recording, facilitators Nicole and Heath Reed share many tools that you can use right away to increase your self care. The phrase “self-care” has so saturated the world of wellness that the expression is often trivialized, misconstrued, or misunderstood. Heath and Nicole advocate for a new appreciation and application of self-care. “Tender” versions of self-care–like receiving massages, taking a bubble bath, or enjoying a slow day–generally epitomize the common sense examples for caring for oneself. But tender self-care is only one end of the self-care continuum. “Fierce” self-care lives at the other end of the spectrum and includes actions like commitment, dedication, and active adaptation to generate a balanced and holistic approach to one’s well being. When we incorporate both ends of the self-care panoply, from fierce to tender, we enhance our ability to fortify ourselves with a self-care lifestyle. Watch the recording to learn more.

Nicole and Heath Reed are LMTs, Movement Therapists & BQ Coaches and can be reached at: Living Metta