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Restoring Resourcefulness Program Module 6: Matching

Introduction to Matching

Matching is a way of bringing congruence between our inner experience and our outer expression. Matching helps us feel centered, gives us a way to increase our inner awareness, and expresses coherently when we may not have the words. As we match our experience, we feel more connected with our emotions and with others.


  1. With gentle curiosity, turn your attention to your inner experience, saying “Hmmmm…” either out loud or inside.
  2. Notice any of the following:
    • Breath
    • Body Sensations
    • Words
    • Sounds
    • Speed of Thoughts
    • Emotions
  3. Begin to move your hands and arms to sculpt or paint what you notice inside. As an example, you might notice that the speed of your thoughts is fast and jagged, that could be expressed through fast, jagged movements of your hands and arms.
  4. Continue to allow your body to move until you feel complete. The end result of matching is a natural settling of your breath and a sense of being more connected to yourself.



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Download the Introduction to Matching Guide


Here is an audio guided practice of matching which is designed to provide an experience of the power of getting your experience and expression in synch. When we actively presence and authentically express with freedom, we can reduce stress, open more balance and discover solutions in new ways. Click here or on the image of Katie above to listen to the audio.

Additional Information

  • Matching with body: With your attention on your chosen focus (breath, sensations, emotions, pattern of thoughts) ask yourself how you would use your hands to match what you’re noticing. For example, maybe you feel like your mind is scattered, so you wiggle your arms and legs all over the place.
  • Matching with sound: What sound would match how you feel inside? Anger might be matched with growling. Joy might be matched with high pitched bubbly sounds. If emotions arise, there’s nothing more needed than to continue feeling, breathing and matching.
  • Matching with words: Maybe you give voice to your inner experience by saying out loud any images you see, descriptions of sensations that you feel, or thoughts that are running through your head. These do not need to be complete sentences, nor do they need to make sense. They can just be whatever comes into your mind.


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