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Restoring Resourcefulness Program Module 1: Presencing


Presencing is an integrative, body-mind tool that helps you welcome feelings, sensations, thoughts, and any other experiences into the wholeness of yourself. It is choicefully using your attention to focus on what is happening in the present moment. Presencing invites you to use your attention with curiosity, rather than from a critical or ‘what’s wrong’ point of view. Presencing activates creativity and ease within you. It eliminates drama and replaces adrenaline with a deeper sense of being ‘here’ and available. It is the opposite of what goes on when your body is there, but your heart and mind are elsewhere.


  1. Turn your attention fully towards what is happening in the present moment.
  2. Open your body posture (arms and legs uncrossed, face and body relaxed)
  3. Breathe fully and easily into your belly

Additional Information:

  • Notice physical sensations in your body e.g., tightness in chest, sweaty hands.
  • Take three breaths and change body posture.
  • Follow any impulses to move.
  • Move at your comfortable pace.
  • Get curious with a Hmmm sound.
  • Appreciate yourself and another.
  • Shift your attention from yourself to another person and then shift back to yourself (repeating frequently with an easy rhythm).


At the Speed of Life, Gay and Kathlyn Hendricks Chapter 5, “The Presencing Principle: The Starting Point of Mindbody healing”.

Conscious Loving Ever After, Gay and Kathlyn Hendricks, Chapter Three, “Full Spectrum Presencing”.

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