Big Leap Bridge: Presencing

Restoring Resourcefulness: Introduction to Presencing

Watch the recording of An Introduction to Presencing facilitated by Dr. Vandana Verma and Terry Morganti-Fisher. This first class in our Restoring Resourcefulness series took place on January 21, 2021.

What is Presencing?
Presencing is an integrative, body-mind tool that helps you welcome feelings, sensations, thoughts, and any other experiences into the wholeness of yourself. It is choicefully using your attention to focus on what is happening in the present moment. Presencing invites you to use your attention with curiosity, rather than from a critical or ‘what’s wrong’ point of view.

In this class you will learn how:

* Presencing activates creativity and ease within you.
* It eliminates drama and replaces adrenaline with a deeper sense of being
‘here’ and available.
*Join us as we go deeper into the practice and experience of this valuable skill.