Restoring Resourcefulness

Big Leap Bridge Restoring Resourcefulness Series: Matching


This recording features the tool “Matching” and is from our series on the Restoring Resourcefulness Program. Learn how to engage and resonate as you express yourself even when you don’t have the words! Matching is a practice that supports …

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Practices to Restore Resourcefulness

This short video is an introduction to using 3 of the Restoring Resourcefulness practices when facilitating. Michael Deloughery (RR Faculty) facilitates Open Support Groups with the Bereaved Families of Ontario – Halton Peel. Michael uses these practices whenever he …

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Big Leap Bridge: Choosing Action for the Planet with F.A.C.T


In this recording of a Big Leap Bridge class that took place in October 2021, Nicole Taylor and Michele Yasuda Co-Facilitate and  share how to use F.A.C.T in our relationship with the planet. So much of life is about …

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Big Leap Bridge: Presencing

Restoring Resourcefulness: Introduction to Presencing

Watch the recording of An Introduction to Presencing facilitated by Dr. Vandana Verma and Terry Morganti-Fisher. This first class in our Restoring Resourcefulness series took place on January 21, 2021.

What is Presencing?
Presencing is …

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A Video About Matching

Here is a video about Matching made by Restoring Resourcefulness Faculty Member Crystal Dawn Rios.…

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Crystal Dawn Rios

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Using F.A.C.T. to Presence Fear and Respond Rather than React

In this video, Rod Syme, our Restoring Resourcefulness colleague, shares a couple of stories of how he uses F.A.C.T. to move through interactions with people who cross his path at a park. He uses facing, accepting, and choosing to shift …

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Accepting – with hands

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Using F.A.C.T. As A Couple

Dean and Michele share how they use the Hendricks tool F.A.C.T. as a couple to face and resolve issues and inner conflicts.

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Restoring Resourcefulness Module 5: F.A.C.T – Using F.A.C.T with Groups or Organizations

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