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Restoring Resourcefulness Program Module 3: Breathing

Introduction to Breathing

When we are in stressful situations healthy breathing is interrupted. We experience an increase in our heart rate, our abdominal muscles contract and tighten, and our breathing moves up into our chests. The Centering Breath is designed to quickly locate our breathing back in our abdomen which relaxes our nervous system and allows us to presence anywhere.


  1. First, gently squeeze both of your hands into a fist and then let go.
  2. Repeat the squeezing and releasing, noticing what releasing and tension feels like in your body.
  3. Bring your attention to the center of your body around your belly button. Now squeeze your hands in fists as you tighten up your belly, hold for a few seconds and then let go.
  4. Repeat squeezing your belly muscles,  holding for a few seconds and releasing as you breathe in.

Adding Breath

  1. Now we will add breathing. When you breathe out, tense your belly a little bit and squeeze your hands into fists. Release as you breathe in.
  2. Repeat squeezing your belly muscles, pulling your belly button towards your spine as you breathe out, and then release as you take a breath in.
  3. Take a few easy deep breaths

Additional Information:

  • On your out-breath, as you tighten your belly, imagine you are slowly blowing out a candle that is across the room, hold for a second or two, and then release your belly muscles as you breathe in.
  • Repeat step number one, and then take a few easy breaths.


The Breathing Box, Gay Hendricks.

Coming Home to Yourself Through Breathing

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Centering Breath with Gay Hendricks

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Breathing Practices


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