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Restoring Resourcefulness Program Module 3: Breathing

Introduction to Breathing

When we are in stressful situations healthy breathing is interrupted. We experience an increase in our heart rate, our abdominal muscles contract and tighten, and our breathing moves up into our chests. The Centering Breath is designed to quickly locate our breathing back in our abdomen which relaxes our nervous system and allows us to presence anywhere.


1. Start with hands resting open, palms up. Curl your fingers to make a fist, then gradually open your fingers again. Repeat this a few times, letting your hands demonstrate tighten and loosen.

2. Next time your fingers curl in, at the same time, gently engage and squeeze your belly muscles, drawing your navel towards your spine.

3. Then, release your belly muscles as your fingers unfurl.

4. Repeat these motions a few times. Then rest your hands in your lap.

Adding Breath

5. Now, become aware of your breath. With your next exhale, gently squeeze your belly towards your spine, and exhale fully while curling your fingers like a fist. Pause for a moment.

6. Release your belly muscles and open your hands as you breathe in through your nose.

7. Take a couple of easy belly breaths

8. Now repeat #5 and #6 without squeezing your hands once or twice.

9. Take a few easy belly breaths.

10. Notice how your whole body responds to the Centering Breath.

Additional Information:

● On your outbreath, as you engage your belly, imagine you are slowly blowing out a candle that is across the room, hold for a second or two, and then release your belly muscles as you breathe in. Repeat. Then take a few easy breaths.

● You may want to place a hand on your belly to feel how your belly moves as you practice the Centering Breath


The Breathing Box, Gay Hendricks.

Coming Home to Yourself Through Breathing

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Centering Breath with Gay Hendricks

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Breathing Practices


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