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Restoring Resourcefulness Program Module 5: F.A.C.T.

Introduction to F.A.C.T.

F.A.C.T. is a roadmap for moving from stress to ease.

There are 4 steps including:

  1. FACING,
  3. CHOOSING and

This tool integrates all of the previous modules.


    • Pick a place in the space around you where the question or issue seems located.
    • Turn your body towards the issue so that you are facing it.
    • Now, for a couple of minutes use your whole body to explore how you can and do turn towards and away from the issue
    • Then turn and face the issue directly
    • Open your body posture, sounding a pleasant Hmmm on your outbreath and ask:
    • Hmmm…What about this question/issue have I not fully faced directly?”
    • Take a moment to relax your breath, by tightening your belly on the exhale, then letting it open and fill like a balloon with each inhale.
    • As your breath slows and opens, ask, “Hmmm…What’s the hardest thing for me to accept about this?”
    • Then, holding out a hand to one side, say “ I want to accept this.”
    • And, holding out a hand to the other side, say “Hmmm…and I don’t want to,” or “I feel scared.”
    • Continue going back and forth between these statements. making sure you add the “and…”
    • Notice what shifts.
    • Continuing to sound a pleasurable “Hmmm…”  with your outbreaths
    • Create small, friendly movements with your hands, arms and whole body as you ask, “Hmmm…What do I really want?”
    • Emphasize different words, use different tones of voice as you continue asking.
    • When you feel an increase in ease and energy, you are ready for the next step.
      • Let yourself Hmmm easily as you move around the room and ask, “Hmmm… What is one simple, pleasurable action step that will lead me to what I really want?”
      • Jot down your answer
      • What is your action?
      • When do you agree to do this?
      • Appreciate yourself for doing F.A.C.T


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