Befriending Your Victim Personas: Claiming Your Power


In this recording of the third of our four-part series, we give attention to our Victim on the Drama Triangle. This class was facilitated by our colleague Nicole Taylor who shares how our inner victim is at the effect of life instead of participating with it. When we hear ourselves say things like “there’s nothing I can do,” or “I don’t have any choice,” we are in victim mode. But the same amount of energy it takes to play victim could be liberated to make new, enlivening choices. In this no-cost one-hour class, you will discover how personas are learned reactions that we once used to feel safe, but which are now draining our aliveness. With curiosity and love, we can integrate our personas and discover the hidden creativity within.

You’ll Learn to:

Identify your victim personas

Unmask the essence qualities underneath your victim personas

How to take responsibility

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