Caring Communities

Roots and Loops 5/30/22


Today on our community call Katie shares about a post that one of our colleagues, Greg Newman, wrote on our Big Leap Home Network

Greg inspires us by speaking about how he is experiencing his deepening Loop …

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Make That Bigger!


Make That Bigger! How Magnification Invites Play & Mutual Discovery Into Conscious Relationships!
Facilitated by Dhira Brown and Kristina Turner
May 25, 2022 6:00pm Pacific

In this recording you will discover with our colleagues Dhira Brown and Kristina …

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Breathe, Move, Love: A Gateway to Presence


In this recording our colleague Dean Yasuda shows us how we can use breath and movement to come home to ourselves and how the Presence-Connect-Play app is a wonderful tool that can assist us. This Big Leap Bridge …

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Befriending Your Victim Personas: Claiming Your Power


In this recording of the third of our four-part series, we give attention to our Victim on the Drama Triangle. This class was facilitated by our colleague Nicole Taylor who shares how our inner victim is at the effect …

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Big Leap Bridge Integrity Series: Conscious Communication

This class took place on March 2, 2021 and was facilitated by Nicole Taylor.
In this no-cost online class, we continued our exploration of the Four Pillars of Integrity, using the Integrity Deck and the topic of Conscious Communication where …

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Impeccable Agreements: Shaping a Potent Container for What You Want to Create


This Big Leap Bridge class took place on February 2, 2021 and was facilitated by: Dee Cooper, a faculty member of our Restoring Resourcefulness Program.

~ In a world of broken promises, do agreements really matter?
~ Why do …

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8 Billion Trees – A ‘Step’ in the Right Direction: Afforestation Programs & More

8 Billion Trees knows that fighting more than a century of pollution won’t be solved overnight. So, in addition to the carbon offsets they provide, this company goes a step farther to help the planet by carrying eco-friendly products that …

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Conscious Communication: Revealing 4/26/21

Katie shared with us that her commitment to revealing, rather than concealing was the most important step in deepening her relationship with herself and her husband Gay. She spoke of how concealing is at the core of all drama and …

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Filling our Attention Reservoirs 3/8/21

In our call today, Katie explores the refreshment and nourishment that our attention provides. People generally think of our attention as something that we give, such as “paying attention” to something. We forget that attention is something all our …

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Listening Appreciatively 3/1/21

In our practice today, Katie shares how we can use the skill of Conscious Communication by listening to others accurately, appreciatively and inviting wonder. Rather than “ being right” we can shift to genuinely appreciating and getting curious about what …

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