8 Billion Trees – A ‘Step’ in the Right Direction: Afforestation Programs & More

8 Billion Trees knows that fighting more than a century of pollution won’t be solved overnight. So, in addition to the carbon offsets they provide, this company goes a step farther to help the planet by carrying eco-friendly products that include a distinct advantage. Growing evidence shows the connection between deforestation and climate change problems like increased wildfires, strange weather patterns, and even pandemics, so each one of their sustainable products includes a ‘positive’ benefit.

Each purchase includes the planting and protecting existing trees to offset the emissions from manufacturing, making them truly carbon neutral.

Plus, their reforestation programs are conducted in specific “hot spots” (especially rainforests) that have been stripped, cleared and burned. This helps reestablish ‘carbon sinks’ that remove greenhouse gases from the atmosphere, stop erosion, and rebuild wildlife habitats and ecosystems for many years to come.  Click here to learn more.