Caring For Our Planet

Caring Communities: October 2019 Caring for Our Earth Blog

What’s the big deal about plastic, anyway? you may ask. Many years ago I volunteered with researchers studying the impact of plastics in the ocean. We dissected hundreds of birds that spend their lives flying and feeding in a remote …

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Reusable Bags

Caring Communities: October 2019 Eco-Tip from Mari Heart

Humans are becoming more and more aware of the problems plastic trash creates on land and especially in our oceans. You can help reduce plastic use through simple, every day actions.

Try this: A great and easy way to reduce …

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Caring Communities: Environmental Stewardship

Environmental Stewardship and the Elimination of Plastic

You can be Earth- and life-friendly by making conscious choices that support the environment.
Learn more by reading our article on Environmental Stewardship and Eliminating the Use of Plastics.

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