Healthy Responsibility: How to Stop Feeling Like a Victim

In this video Katie Hendricks speaks about how we can shift from blame to wonder through getting curious and focusing on healthy responsibility.…

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Accountability: A Necessary Step Before Unity

By Nicole Taylor

Two weeks ago, a mob of Trump supporters stormed the Capitol building to interrupt the certification of the 2020 election. They harmed and in some cases caused the death of Capitol police officers, they vandalized and stole …

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Big Leap Bridge Class: Learn Healthy Responsibility

Watch this recording of Healthy Responsibility: Creating Opening to Learning facilitated by Kathlyn Hendricks, Phd, BC-DMT. Learn how to move from blame to wonder in this one hour class where Katie shares tools from the Integrity Deck and talks …

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Healthy Responsibility: A Personal Story

The Mop & The Kitty

I recently unwound a familiar pattern that showed up throughout my life.

The pattern was me being on the lookout for a burden to alleviate, or coming to someone’s rescue with the expectation of receiving …

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Women Empowered

The Science of Responsibility


Download a PDF of the entire article here.

By: Yancy Wright

Do you feel overwhelmed by all that is going on around you? Are the demands of your boss, family, financial obligation, or politics impacting your emotional wellbeing? When …

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Environmental Stewardship and the Elimination of Plastic

Caring for our Planet: Eliminating Plastic

The Foundation for Conscious Living is dedicated to co-creating caring communities and we offer these resources to inspire you to make a difference in your own community.


Environmental Stewardship

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Healthy Responsibility: What’s Real? 5/17/21

Katie invited us to look at the integrity card image on the screen and then bounce our attention between the image and ourselves. We then explored the concept of experiencing reality directly through our bodies which Katie suggested is …

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Get Your Complaint Out FIRST!

A former seminar participant, Graeme Franks, created this wonderful animation from our handout The Blame Eliminator.

We like to meet people where they start, which in this case is blaming and complaining.  After people clear the pipes a little, they’re …

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Shifting the Social Field: Contemplation, Compassion, Collective Action

Otto Scharmer’s work underscores the power of presencing in the larger context of collaboration, a value we’ve been exploring for several decades. We’re delighted to have colleagues around the world joining this evolutionary collaboration.

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The Type C Connection

Scientists are now demonstrating that emotional choices are linked to cancer and other illnesses, and they are giving practical advice for how to be healthier.

In The Type C Connection, psychologist Lydia Temoshok and science-writer Henry Dreher explore the …

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