year of living copyThe truth is defined as that which cannot be argued about. When the truth is expressed, there is room for the problem to transform in a healing direction.


There is a symmetry and circularity to life, a birth-living-dying cycle that many people spend their lives trying to outrun. We are all born, and yet so often we deny our early innocence, our dependence, the longing buried in every one of us to return to that dark, safe, pulsing ocean of the womb. We all live, and yet we so often don’t really feel, experience, reach out our arms to embrace the world as a lover. And we all will die, and yet society is engaged in the most extreme campaign to outrun death ever mounted. Some of this is good—eating well, exercising, dropping the habits that call death to the door—but the emotional avoidance of the natural and necessary life cycle is denial, plain and simple. The walls you build in an attempt to keep life from catching you up in its rhythms serve only to alienate you from the realities of the human experience. If you were to admit—simple as it sounds—that you were once small and helpless, and that a part of your inner self will always feel small and helpless, and that you are now living the very life that will one day be gone, and that every day you move a step closer to the letting go of this life, what might that mean? I believe that it would mean unparalleled honesty, and that honesty, in turn, would lead you to realize that you must live now, not later; that we are all afraid sometimes, that we are all connected in the deepest of ways by our fears and our strengths and our questions…our humanity. Even the most deep-rooted of differences would become superficial when measured side by side against our human, and once, we all nestled in peace inside of our mother’s belly, and now, we all wake up each day and look forward with a combination of hope and fear, and someday we will all return to a darkness or a light, and how we lived will be all that we take with us in the final moment.


We’ve all heard the old adage that you can’t take it with you. It’s an adage because it’s true. In the final moment, looking back on your life, what do you want to take with you? What knowledge or experience?”

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