year of living copyWHO ARE YOU?

You must be wary not to embrace any belief that takes you out of oneness with the universe. The moment you do so, you render your force-field dense and impermeable. The moment you begin believing you are a fallen angel or a risen ape or a reincarnated llama, you cease resonating with the wholeness of all. Then adversity begins and will not cease until you again embrace oneness.

Oneness with the universe means seeing the ways in which we are all connected—and we are all connected. The jeans you are wearing, stitched by a young woman in Guatemala, the computer on which I type, created into being by many minds and hands, the person who laid down the asphalt upon which you drive each day—each action connects you to another action and, most important, to another person. We’re in this together, as the saying goes, and recognizing that connection will help you to see your place in the universe.

I find that when I acknowledge my connection to others—sending a note to the friendly woman at the flower store who always has a kind remark, stopping off for a cup of cappuccino and dropping it by a friend’s workplace for him, including people half the world away, ones you don’t know but with whom you share the universe, in your thoughts or prayers…all are ways of acknowledging your ultimate affiliation, and the ways in which we are forever linked, forever dependent on one another.


Today, identify someone who you wouldn’t typically thank…someone who would never expect a thank-you from you, but who impacts positively on your life. Sit down with a postcard or notepaper and tell the person how she or he makes a difference to you…and then send the note. If this sounds Pollyannish, consider this: you walk out to the mailbox today, and in with all those never-ending bills is a note from your mail carrier. Just wanted to let you know, it says, that you made my week yesterday when you smiled and sympathized with how hard my job must be in this weather. It meant the world to me.

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