Get With It!

Playfully Aligning With What Is

June 12, 2024 5:00pm Pacific

Whether it’s spilled milk, a broken leg or a big lottery win, things happen. Some are easily brushed off and some may leave you in a spin for a long time. When my family member got a devastating diagnosis, I found that reality very hard to accept. We then had 11 years to live through the stages of this illness and I was grateful to have ways to get with it.

Are you aware of what trips you up, when you go out of balance or how you get aligned again?

Let’s gather together and play with:

  • Noticing and locating
  • Body awareness
  • The thought/feeling connection
  • Body-centered tools

If you’re playing, it’s working! Until the next thing happens…

About your instructor:

2024-05 BLB Jody FCL

Jody Kaylor

Jody Kaylor
Coach – Clairvoyant – Energy Healer


Jody invites your essence forward through transformational coaching, and/or clairvoyant reading and energy shifts. Small steps often bring big leaps!

This former NYC bank V.P. & Parisian Project Manager values tangible skills as well as savoring consciousness and the ability to choose one’s vibrational frequency.

Through clairvoyance – clear seeing (and feeling, hearing, and knowing) – Jody assists with energies that may be stuck, blocked, or not even yours, interrupting unhelpful patterns or pain (physical, emotional) and welcoming energetic vibrations such as joy, peace, or freedom.

Questions about relationships, money, livelihood, and health are common, yet the possibilities are endless. English or French.

Also available: Bursts of joy – Inspired, inventive interior design collaboration. In person or at a distance.

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